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pregnant u

The Journey through Pregnancy and Delivery: This program is designed to help you understand what to expect during pregnancy and delivery. Points are earned at each appointment, including appointments outside of PlusOne. Redeem points at the PlusOne Boutique for things you and your baby need.

empower u

The Journey to Becoming a Confident Parent: This program is designed to provide peer support and education on baby care and parenting techniques while allowing you to earn the things your baby needs at the PlusOne Baby Boutique. Topics covered include home safety, milestones, growth and development, nutrition, etc. Learn to parent with love and confidence!

healthy u

The Journey to Becoming Your Best Self: This program is designed to help young people understand and maintain healthy dating relationships. Classes can be done individually or as a small group of friends. By completing 5 sessions, you will earn $25 in Huron Bucks. 

surrender u

The Journey towards Healing & Restoration After an Abortion: If you are struggling through the heartache of an abortion, you are not alone! The Surrender U! program provides the opportunity to meet with other women in a confidential setting so you too can experience compassion and healing.

healing u

The Journey towards Healing & Acceptance After Losing a Baby: This program is designed to provide support and compassion as you navigate through the difficult time after the loss of a baby through miscarriage or infant loss. You are not alone!

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